Arts Centre

In addition to being extremely well qualified in their respective Air Force Trade (Air Frame, Aero Engine, Pilot, etc.) many of 400 Squadron's members possess talents in areas of the Arts.
The pages in this section will highlight these talents in the areas of:  Writing, Poetry, Music, and Artwork.

Dioramas:  A detailed look at the wonderful talents of Carl Mills through his creation of these 1/72 scale models on a one foot square base.  They depict various squadron aircraft in operational settings.  A 'must see'  section.

Humour Room:  A varied collection of humourous photos, cartoons, and brief stories....some naughty, some nice

Member's Music:  Features the musical talents of squadron members.  Another very interesting location to visit.

The Poetry Corner:   An eclectic collection of poetry written by various members of our squadron.