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Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum - July 2011

Carl Mills was kind enough to organize this event which saw 10 stalwarts gather at the CWHM on July 23, 2011 (just two short of making a dirty dozen).  

Just after Carl and Bill Bishop arrived (a bit later than our planned 10:00am schedule due to accident on the QEW) we were pleased to be greeted by .....

....the first to arrive, Lloyd Smith (our oldest Squadron member) who went overseas when we were 110 Squadron.  Visit Lloyd's Profile to see many pictures and his story of wartime service.

Ron Wylie was already there working on the restoration of the Bolingbroke (Boly) and joined us for a group photo around the Vampire  (more on that below).

Working? or waking up from nap?

Bolingbroke restoration

Chuck Almasy joined us.  Wonder if he's responsible for dragging all the hot humid air up from Florida (God's Waiting Room) ?

Ron Gowing tore himself away from his many projects with the Air Cadets and was a welcome addition to our merry band.

Vic Prendergast, who flew Vampires during his tenure with the Squadron (1954 to 1962),  arrived along with .......

....Chuck Fisher, another Vampire pilot.  It was a personal pleasure to meet Chuck as he left the squadron the year I joined, 1958.

Shortly thereafter, the power crew arrived and consisted of the (in)famous Fred Kuzyk ......

....and Len Giacomelli.

Carl had arranged with the Museum staff to have their Vampire Jet towed from its display area to the tarmac. Before our group photos some of us took the opportunity to take a quick tour of the displays. 
Lloyd Smith met with many and shared some more of his photos from his time overseas. Carl removed the 110 Squadron pennant he located and returned to Canada in March of this year (see SQUADRON FLAG RETURNED

Some of us took this opportunity to examine the pennant and have our photos taken with it.  I was amazed at the almost pristine condition of the pennant after all these years.  
After replicas are made the original will be sent to The  Air Force Directorate of History and Heritage, at the Canadian Air Division - CFB Winnipeg, where it will be properly stored in a climate controlled environment. 

Shortly after our arrival Ron Wylie pointed out what he thought were photographers from the Hamilton Spectator.  Carl met with them and they turned out to be freelance photographers, one of whom, Ms. Jamie Buisman, agreed to take our group photo.  

Jamie is also a school photographer and with a minimum of scolding she got us all to properly line up and rid ourselves of protruding items (pieces of papers, cameras, etc) before she took the photos.

The photos in this slide show provide a glimpse of the chore she had. 

The group photos are shown at the end of this article and you can visit Jamie's website to see some of her other very fine work at: Jamie Buisman Photography


As we were leaving the museum for 447 Wing RCAFA for beers and a burger, we ran into Terry Cleland and his father who were delayed in traffic and unfortunately missed the group photo.  Terry and his brother were taking his Dad for a ride in the B25 which was scheduled for the noon hour and therefore, could not join us at the RCAFA.

Carl brought along his completed Lysander diorama and the Mosquito diorama, which is still in progress, and showed them to us.  

You continue  to boggle our minds Carl by the excellent work you are doing on  the dioramas and the patience and talent you put into creating them.  I am sure all who have had the opportunity to see these one of a kind art pieces join me in thanking you.  

The video clip shows us at 447 Wing RCAFA and you can hear Lloyd Smith (and others) reminiscing about their service days. 

The Staff and Members at 447 Wing were most welcoming and hospitable and we spent a pleasant couple of hours before heading our separate ways .... until the next RENDEZVOUS. 


Many thanks to Fred Kuzyk  (aka FreddyK) for the use of his photos and video in this article. 
Don't know what we'd do without ya Fred

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