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This page provides access to Squadron related videos.  Beside each video play box is a brief description of the video.  All videos have been set to play in High Definition.  Should a video contain audio or video which may offend some people we will note this in the video description shown beside each offering.
We suggest you use the 'full screen' option for viewing our videos.  Click the button on the lower right of our player.

400 Memories

This is a 45 minute offering which has lots of photos and digitized 8mm film from 1958 though 1965.  Great music track.  This video will be re-worked to correct a couple of minor errors and smooth out the facial scans of large groups.  Estimate late fall 2012 for rework completion.

This is a 4:18 video about the Beaver aircraft.  Now I know 400 squadron never flew this historic beauty, but many of our members either flew it, or as aircraft enthusiasts will, I'm sure, enjoy the pics and the song.  Hope you enjoy it as well.

This video also has nothing to do specifically with 400 Squadron, but your Webmaster finds it a very moving song.  Rank still doth have its privileges.