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To provide maximum enjoyment for our visitors, many of our pages have an auto starting video which will play music and/or voice.  We are in the process of having a reader record lengthy articles for those who may find it difficult to read the article.

On these pages you may elect to have the page read and scroll down the page to view the on-page pictures. 

Please Let Us Know ....

At the bottom of most pages is an opportunity for you to rank your enjoyment of / interest in the page you have just viewed.  We would appreciate you taking a moment of your time to provide feedback to us so we may make adjustments to enhance your experience at  400 Squadron's History Hanger.

The following sections may be accessed by clicking on the GREEN links below

Squadron Artwork show pictures and information on all Artwork commissioned by, or provided to the squadron. 

Member's Music:  Features the musical talents of squadron members.  Another very interesting location to visit.

On Guard Series offers the articles written by squadron member Fred Kuzyk (Freddy K).  These articles provide a humourous and personalized look at squadron life during the late 1970's and have been enhanced with the addition of many photos and videos.

Diorams provide a detailed look at the wonderful work Carl Mills has done using 1/72 scale models on a 1 foot square board and depict various squadron aircraft in an operational setting.  Definitely a 'must see'.

 Slide Shows  offer various of photo subjects.  These are set up with an onsite player to watch our offerings.  Each slide show (and video) provides a description of the contents and, if appropriate, a link where you may obtain further in-depth access (eg. photo slide shows will link to our photo site where you can see pictures with names tagged, or select to view all photos which include a specific person)

 Video section  which includes our customized player so you do not have to leave our site to view the videos we offer.  Any videos we produce are done so in High Definition format and are mobile device copatible. Should you have a HD monitor, you will be able to enjoy our offerings to the fullest.

We try and stay on top of current technology so who knows what tomorrow will bring.