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CO's (old)

The Commanding Officer's of 400 Squadron are listed chronologically below.  The 'cross' indicates those who are deceased and the 'green check' those who are still with us.  The MORE INFO beside a name can be clicked on to bring you to that CO's information and picture page.

1st   1932 to 1935   Air Commodore G.S. (Geoff) O’Brian, AFC, CBE   MORE INFO

2nd   1935 to 1938   Air Marshal W.A. (Wilf) Curtis, OC, CB, CBE, DSC, ED, LLD   MORE INFO

3rd   1938 to 1939   Air Commodore A.H.K. (Keith) Russell, CBE, QC   MORE INFO

4th   1939............   Air Commodore G.N. (Norm) Irwin, CBE   MORE INFO

5th   1939 to 1940   Group Captain W.D.(Wib) Van Vliet   MORE INFO

6th   1940.............   Group Captain E.H. Evans   MORE INFO

7th   1940 to 1941   Group Captain R.M. (Rob) McKay   MORE INFO

8th   1941 to 1942   Wing Commander H.M. (Harold) Kerby   MORE INFO

9th   1942 to 1943   Group Captain R.C.A. (Bunt) Waddell, DSO, DFC   MORE INFO
10th 1943.............   Squadron Leader W.B. (Blake) Woods, DFC   MORE INFO

11th  1943 to 1944   Wing Commander R.A.B. (Rab) Ellis, DFC   MORE INFO

12th  1944 to 1945   Squadron Leader M.G. (Mac) Brown, DFC   MORE INFO

13th  1945.............   Squadron Leader J.A. (Jack) Morton, DFC   MORE INFO

14th  1946 to 1949   Group Captain G.W. (George) Gooderham, AFC   MORE INFO

15th  1949 to 1951   Wing Commander C.A. (Archie) James, AFC   MORE INFO

16th  1951 to 1952   Wing Commander A.E. (Al) Fleming, MiD   MORE INFO

17th  1952.............   Major Gen.R.H.(Richard)Rohmer, CMM, OC, DFC, KstJ, CD, QC, LLD  MORE INFO

18th  1952 to 1954   Wing Commander W.N. (Bill) Stowe, DFC  MORE INFO 

19th  1954 to 1955   Squadron Leader C.I.M. (Collin) Ettles   MORE INFO

20th  1955 to 1957    Lieutenant Colonel W.A. (Wilf) Curtis II, CD   MORE INFO

21st  1957 to 1959   Wing Commander H.B. (Hal) Davis, CD   MORE INFO

22nd  1959 to 1963   Brigadier General B.A. (Barry) Howard, CD   MORE INFO

23rd  1963 to 1967   Colonel G.E. (Gerry) Gilroy, CD   MORE INFO

24th  1967 to 1970   Colonel G.M. (George) Georgas, CD   MORE INFO

25th  1970 to 1973   Colonel V.K. (Vern) Davidson, CD   MORE INFO

26th  1973 to 1975   Lieutenant Colonel W.W. (Wally) Jaremko, CD   MORE INFO

27th  1975 to 1978   Colonel R.C.(Ron) Peirce, CD   MORE INFO

28th  1978 to 1981   Lieutenant Colonel D.D. (Don) Landreville, CD   MORE INFO

29th  1981 to 1984   Lieutenant Colonel R.V. (Bob) Procyshen, CD   MORE INFO

30th  1984 to 1986   Lieutenant Colonel M.S. (Mike) Sheppard, CD   MORE INFO  

31st  1986 to 1988   Lieutenant Colonel P.G. (Peter) Giles, OMM, CD   MORE INFO

32nd  1988 to 1989   Brigadier General K. (Ken) Saari, CD   MORE INFO

33rd  1989 to 1991    Lieutenant Colonel D.F. (Frank) Birchall, CD   MORE INFO

34th  1991 to 1993   Lieutenant Colonel R.T. (Bob) Deane, CD   MORE INFO

35th  1993 to 1999   Lieutenant Colonel G.C. (Garry) McPhail, CD   MORE INFO

36th  1999 to 2001   Lieutenant Colonel J.P. (Jim) Sullivan, CD   MORE INFO  

38th  2001 to 2004   Lieutenant Colonel P.S. (Scott) Allward, CD   MORE INFO

39th  2004 to 2007   Lieutenant Colonel E.J.(Ed) Karpetz, CD   MORE INFO

38th  2007 to 2009   Lieutenant Colonel D.A. (Doug) Moodie, CD   MORE INFO  

40th  2009 to 2011   Lieutenant Colonel D.E. (Dennis) Levesque, CD   MORE INFO

41st  2011.............   Lieutenant Colonel J.T. (Todd) Braithwaite, CD   MORE INFO  

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