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400 Squadron Offspring

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A little know part of 400 Squadron's History was the role its personnel played in the formation of two other squadrons who made up No. 39 (R) Wing, R.C.A.F., in No 83 Group of Second Tactical Air Force. 

The three squadrons which comprised this wing all stemmed from the original Canadian overseas air unit, No. 110 (City of Toronto) Army Co-operation Squadron, which arrived in England in February 1940. No. 110 was later redesignated No. 400 and provided a nucleus from which the second R.C.A.F. Army Cooperation Squadron, No. 414, was formed. Nos. 400 and 414 then supplied nuclei for the creation of the third unit, No. 430.

A background article from the Jan-Feb 1966 Sentinel Magazine provides background information on the formation of these Army Cooperation Squadron. VIEW ARTICLE

Squadron Leader H.P. Peters - 400 Squadron - 414 Squadron
Late in July 1943, Sqn. Ldr. Godfrey (the second CO of 414 Squadron), was posted to command one of the new Airfields, and Sqn. Ldr. H. P. Peters, D.F.C., from 400 Squadron, succeeded him as C.O. of No. 414.

He is shown below with 400 Squadron officers on July 11, 1941 at Old Sarum.
In May of 1943, while still with 400 Squadron, S/L Peters received the DFC.  Following is his citation. 

Squadron Leader Peters DFC citation

The following photo shows S/L Peters sharing letter.

In his Spitfire ready to go.

We wish to express our thanks to Esther Jones (nee Peters) who is S/L Peters' daughter for providing the photos, citation information, and the 414 Squadron History.  

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