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The Spitfire PR XI was issued to 400 Squadron in 1943 as a high altitude but unarmed reconnaissance aircraft.  The diorama shows a compressed scene with many Second World War features including the era control tower and vehicles along with the perforated steel planking (PSP) and the sandbag revetments.  This aircraft flew from locations in England and Europe.

The wings and the horizontal elevators all had to be pinned through the fuselage wall to ensure a secure connection to the airframe.  This was done prior to joining the two fuselage halves.  The model was scrubbed, primed, and given two coats of Model Master “RAF PRU Blue” enamel paint.
The building, ambulance, and fire truck are Airfix and are unmodified but with windows added to all three pieces. The figures are also Airfix. The perforated steel plates (PSP) section is 1/72 scale Eduard and PSP was typical throughout the War and in Korea.  The pieces came in 2x10 sheets and were connected together to form ramps, runways and taxiways.

The jeeps are preassembled metal diecast.  The trees are from Woodland Scenics and have plastic trunks and branches.  The branches are twisted into position for gluing of the foliage.  The pebbles are from the beach at Niagara-On-The-Lake.  I don’t know where the animals came from but the guys in the war always had a dog or something.
The sandbags revetments are castings that were custom constructed from a plastic dyke.  Approximately 400 plastic sandbags were cut in half and then glued to the dyke in rows.  A latex mould was then made from this form.  Modelling plaster, by Woodland Scenics, was mixed and, with a foam-filler insert (to save on plaster volume), was then placed in the mould.  The plaster sets in about five minutes. 
 Once cured, drywall compound is then lightly brushed between the sandbag rows of the casting to give a better blending appearance.  Straight pin ‘spikes’ were epoxied into the PSP to secure the revetments.  The ‘bags’ were given two coats of Tamiya ‘Desert yellow’ acrylic paint.  Priming was not required.  Weeds were then added.

Diorama - Spitfire

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