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The Mustang I was issued to 400 Squadron in 1942 and served as a low-level but armed reconnaissance aircraft.  The Mustang had significant range and was able to patrol and attack over Europe.  Although a few enemy fighters were shot down, the squadron was noted for its train busting ability on missions over France.  One pilot, F/L ‘Bitsy’ Grant, achieved 65 ‘kills’ before being killed in action in 1943.  The Squadron now resides in a contemporary hangar at CFB Borden, ON, and the hangar is named the Grant Building in his memory.

The 1/72 scale Mustang II kit is by Frog and is basically unmodified but with two-50 caliber machine guns added to the lower nose area.  This addition converts the kit back to a Mustang I.  In the intensity of war, the paint finish was usually abused by wear and tear and the model is shown in a ‘well-used’ condition along with some battle damage.

The train is Z scale (1"= 18 feet) in an attempt to create some distance perspective in the diorama.  The train represents a German Second World War armoured version - circa 1943.  The train, except for the wheels and ladders, is scratch-built from styrene card plastic.  The German vehicles and tanks are by Z-Panzer, the train wheels are by Z Scale Monster, and the ladders (on the engine) are by RS Laser Kits.  The deer are N scale (1"=12 feet).  The trees, grass, and simulated water is from Woodland Scenics.

Diorama - Mustang

Messages Received on Mustang