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The Bell Griffon helicopters were issued to 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron in 1996 when the squadron relocated from Downsview to Borden.

In the diorama, a Griffon helicopter of 400 Squadron supports a Canadian Army Combat Team with a Grizzly armoured personnel carrier (APC) and several troops (on the path and in the water).  In addition to the 24 figures (including two in the APC and two in the helo) there are three bears, eight sea gulls and a dog.  The figures are all one inch (2.5 cm) high with Canadian Forces type Tilley hats and current NATO pattern combat clothing.

The 1/72 scale kit is by Italeri and is unmodified but with decals by CanMilAir.  The 1/72 scale Grizzly armoured personnel carrier is by ACE and is unmodified.  The 1/72 figures are by IMEX and the challenge was in the making of the Tilley hats worn by each of the troops.  The simulated water is a two-part mix by Envirotech.  The seagulls are ‘Little Critters’ by ML Designs.  The sandbags are by Minitanks and the trees, animals, and grass are by Woodland Scenics.

Diorama - Griffon

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