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The Beech-18 (aka "the bug smasher") was issued to 400 Squadron in 1958 and flew as a light transport aircraft within the RCAF's Air Transport Command.  Combined with 411 Squadron, there were scheduled military passenger flights, on Saturdays and Sundays, from Downsview (Toronto) via Trenton and Ottawa to Montreal and back.

Customarily, the RCAF Reserves would take advantage of a two-week summer training period.  The squadrons would deploy to different airfields and concentrate on navigation, long-range flights, and familiarization with many other airfields.  This diorama depicts 400 Squadron deployed to Camp Borden, ON, where the aircraft  were housed in the RAF-type hangars that were constructed during the First World War - circa 1917.

The 1/72 scale kit is by Hobbycraft and is unmodified but with the addition of the anti-static tails (14) and the antenna.  The hangar is scratch-built from card plastic.  It is to scale and based on photos.  The tow mule is from the Minicraft T-34 kit and the jeeps and truck are metal diecast.  The ground crew are by Airfix, the vegetation is by Woodland Scenics, and the sea gulls are "Little Critters" by ML Designs. 

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