400 Dioramas

400 Squadron Dioramas - An Overview: 
80 YEARS OF FLIGHT - 1932-2012

L/C Carl Mills (Retired) who is without a doubt the most active member of the 400 Squadron Historical Society.  He is the driving force behind the majority of previous and current projects.  (details of current projects can be viewed under ACTIVE PROJECTS.

In addition the numerous hours and effort put into projects he has found the time to not only write numerous articles for publication (and writes for The History Hangar), he has also conceived and constructed quite a number of 400 Squadron Dioramas representing either some specific historical event or some aspect of the unit’s heritage.  All dioramas are on one-foot (30.5 cm) square wooden plates and all items, except a few as indicated, are 1/72 scale (1 inch = 6 feet) (2.5 cm = 183 cm).  Human figures are one inch (2.5 cm) high.  

What started as an 80th anniversary project, Carl is still constructing the last few planned dioramas.  
Many dioramas have been entered into hobby contests in an effort to seek a form of ‘peer review’ and thus give a reasonable indication of quality.  Most of them were awarded either first or second place prized.  The first prize winner (Gipsy Moth) was also awarded ‘best in show - people’s choice’ from about 300 other models.

A short video of Dioramas

Below is a list of Dioramas and their awards.  Those shown with links to their individual page are shown in green those still under construction, or planned, are listed without a link.

DIORAMAS FROM 2010 through present
4. Gipsy Moth - completed - 2010 [1st prize & Best in Show - People's Choice]
6. Tomahawk (completed - Feb 2011)
7. Beech-18 (completed - May 2011)
8. Sabre
9. Vampire
10. Restorations - Banshee and Fleet Finch
12. Fleet Fawn
13. Kiowa
14. Lysander (completed - June 2011)
15. Mosquito
16. Famous trainers-Tiger Moth-Harvard-T-33