...Who's Doing All This Work

posted 22 May 2013, 23:44 by Bill Bishop   [ updated 29 May 2014, 09:50 by Garry Alexander ]
Believe it or not there's only two of us working on your History Hangar. 
Myself, Bill Bishop and .................................Garry Alexander (Prof)

I don't know what I'd do without Garry.  For a fellow who barely knew how to send emails in 2010 he has been able to master our photo editing program and does the lions share of cropping, straightening  enhancing, and bordering our photos.  I have taught him how to create new pages on the History Hangar using our new layout and how to move all the information and photos that were on the old pages to the new pages.  Garry has also been to every page to 'clean them up' so they will all be consistent and he has proof read most of them.  He astounds me at his willingness to help and the speed with which he picks up new tasks.  No wonder they call him the Prof.

I am continuing to research the technology side of things so we are able to select and implement new features on The History Hangar.  I have also updated some of our related sites, like our photo albums, our You Tube Site, and several of the other behind the scenes sites where we store the audio files, the video files, and the spread sheets and PDF files we display on The History Hangar.  While Garry is doing the 'grunt work' I have started to produce video help files, which will allow you to successfully enjoy the many features we currently offer.   Keep checking the new Announcement Page for updates.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that "da Grizzly Keeper", John Tapper of 411 has been working extremely hard behind the scenes to prepare the photographs and other material which will be posted to the 411 Squadron Bay in the coming months.  
This is all new to John but his willingness and diligence in learning the skills necessary to do the preparation work should not go unnoticed, particularly by ex members of 411 Squadron.  

Update on Work In Progress

I am also continuing to get caught up on some of the posts to our Final Flight Roll Call Chapter and several other outstanding items that need posting. eg. the 400 / 411 Barbecue held last June at 420 Wing RCAFA in Oshawa.  I am also working with John Tapper from 411 squadron to prepare and plan this years 400/411/2ARW BBQ and reunion, planned for Saturday June 22nd and the outing at the Hamilton Air Show on Saturday June 15th.

Well that's about it for now .... back to the grindstone.