Reminder - Black Velvet Dinner Friday, December 5th

posted 1 Dec 2014, 14:16 by Bill Bishop   [ updated 7 Dec 2014, 08:58 ]
400 Squadron Officers will again be gathering this December 5th for a tradition that dates back to 1940 ... the annual Black Velvet Dinner and Awards.  You can see the history of this event by clicking HERE.

Barry Stewart want's to remind all of this important event.  He posted on Facebook to-day:

"Black Velvet, the first Friday of December is coming up. Mix Champagne and Guinness in equal parts as a cocktail, enjoy a good meal with your comrades and make the following toasts: 
    The Queen..."God Bless Her" 
    Our Fallen Comrades 
    Any other deserving persons, 
    and The Yellow Peril..."The Harvard." 

For further info on this old tradition, or to view musical slide shows of the 2011 to 2013 dinners, click HERE.