New Feature - Video Overview For All 'Bays'

posted 1 Jun 2013, 18:57 by Bill Bishop   [ updated 29 May 2014, 10:20 by Garry Alexander ]
You will already have noticed the Video overview on the Welcome page and the Announcement Page.

This feature will be added to the HOME PAGE for each Bay.  We're trying to keep these as short as possible and still provide what's included in each Bay.

This new feature will preclude having to go into specifics about 'what's available' in The History Hangar on upcoming Help Videos, and focus more on how to get maximum enjoyment from what we have available.

We would really like your feedback on the short form below to let us know your reaction to this feature.

New videos will be added in the coming weeks so check back to see how we're progressing.

Overview Video for Each Bay

Ranks: Overview Video for Each Bay