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posted 9 May 2013, 08:30 by Bill Bishop   [ updated 9 Jun 2014, 17:19 ]
Once again all Members of 400 Squadron owe a deep debt of gratitude to Carl Mills.  He has uncovered a 36th member to be added to our Honour Roll.

Quote from Carl Mills' email

We presently have 35 names on our Honour Roll.  Unfortunately, one name was missed during the research.  The name was not included in the history book and therefore was also a surprise to Ron Wylie.  However, the name is included in the Veterans Affairs documentation and is in the Canadian Book of Remembrance in Ottawa.  Both indicate that he was a member of 400 Squadron.  Inscription for the Trenton monument is:
36. F/O M.L. COULING   5 JUL 1949
For work on existing monuments, the company that built the monument (Campbell Monument - Belleville) in Trenton has a fee of $215 for the first 15 characters and $18 for each additional character – tax included.   The total cost would be about $360.  They have offered to include the work in their summer program.  The work would be done on site and must be arranged through the museum.
Not too long ago I visited the Toronto Reference Library and found an article regarding the crash – resume as follows;
In 1949 - the Squadron was at Deseronto (east of Trenton) for the annual two-week summer deployment.  The pilot was 25-years-old and was on a training flight.  The backseater was an LAC from Base Toronto (was not part of 400) – he had some pilot training during WW2 but elected to be a Radio Tech.  For his good performance at the deployment he was ‘rewarded’ with a trip in the back seat.  The LAC left a wife and three kids - the pilot was single.  The aircraft apparently spun in from a significant height and exploded on impact.   Blazing gasoline set a house and crops on fire. The house burned to the ground (no injuries) and there was significant crop damage over a large area – farmers had to man plows and create a fire break to stop more crops and houses from being burned. The bodies were burned – closed casket funerals.  Weather was not a factor.

In order to get our Monument at the National Air Force Museum of Canada updated this summer, we are asking that anyone in the position to make a donation to this effort contact Gerry Gilroy by email by clicking button below.

An Honour Roll Page for F/O Couling has been created and may be viewed HERE.