posted 16 Nov 2013, 00:55 by Bill Bishop   [ updated 9 Jun 2014, 17:21 ]
Two new Bays have been added to our Navigation Bar (top of page).  They are the MEMBERSHIP BAY and the SOCIETIES BAY.  We urge you to explore their content by clicking on each bay.

This section details the various Societies for 110, 400, and 411 Squadrons which have been formed over the years.  The mission or purpose of each society, the executives, and their accomplishments are shown.  

In the case of the History Hangar Society and the 411 Squadron Benevolent Fund, their current financial statements are also shown.

The newly formed History Hangar Society now offers annual Memberships to financially support this website. (see History Hangar Society)
The MEMBERSHIP BAY provides a page to become a member and pay the $30.00 annual fee by either credit card, Pay Pal account. Instructions are also given should you wish to pay by cheque.

It also contains a sections showing Membership Benefits; the current Membership Roster;Donations page to make donations to the 400 Squadron Historical Society - the 411 Squadron Benevolent Fund - the History Hangar Society, and a Donors' Roster.  

We strongly urge you to take out a membership in order to ensure the ongoing operation of this website AND to consider also a Donation to support the work of the 400 Squadron Historical Society, the 411 Squadron Benevolent Fund, and the History Hangar Society.

Remember Comrades that these organizations are all run by UNPAID volunteers and need your financial support to carry out their missions which are clearly outlined under the Societies Bay.