Event: Saturday June 22, 2013 - Barbecue

posted 30 Apr 2013, 07:09 by Bill Bishop   [ updated 29 May 2014, 09:58 by Garry Alexander ]
THE 2nd Annual 400/411/2ARW BARBECUE: SATURDAY JUNE 22, 2013

Following the resounding success of our 2012 Barbecue it is back by popular demand.  To see video of last years festivities, click HERE.

This years event will again be held at 420 Wing RCAFA Oshawa, starting at 11:00.  For directions click HERE.

The per person charges are as follows:
$10.00 (admission only - no meal) 
$15.00 (admission and fresh burger or sausage platter) 
$25.00 (admission and full steak dinner).  

Our Costs:
These charges are necessary to cover the cost of the hall and equipment rental + staff and the meal costs.  Any profits will be donated equally to the 400 Squadron Historical Society and the 411 Squadron Benevolent Fund, after making a donation to the Air Cadet Squadrons who provide our volunteers.

Our fixed costs for this event are Hall Rental $250.00 and Barbecue Rental $50.00 plus an estimated $50.00 for plates/cutlery/napkins.  Our variable costs will be the food which is why we will ask you to pre-select your desired choice on the registration form below.

A financial report will be posted on this site by Canada Day, July 1, 2013.

You are asked to complete the registration form no later than Thursday June 6th.  Confirmation reminders will be mailed by Monday June 17, 2013.

2013 BBQ Registration

2013 BBQ Responses