CHANGES Being Made

posted 11 Jun 2014, 11:46 by Bill Bishop   [ updated 7 Dec 2014, 08:57 ]
You've obviously noticed a few changes before you got here.  

We will be working diligently over the next 6 months to get caught up from a number of entries not yet posted due to your Webmaster's recent illness.  

The WE I refer to is GARRY ALEXANDER and JOHN TAPPER along with myself, Bill Bishop.  Without these individuals, there would be NO History Hangar.  

We also have over 4,000 new photos and documents to be scanned and processed to be added to our photo albums.

The recent change in our colour scheme may make it difficult to read certain portions of some text.  Please bear with us as we are working on a priority basis to rectify this.  Your patience will be appreciated.

Improvements in technology have made it possible to make some major improvements.  One we are just about finished with is our 400 PHOTOS bay which was recently added.  This allows us to access our Photo Albums stored on another site and make them into slide shows that  can be viewed from the 400 PHOTOS bay.  

We are working on a help video showing how to download any photo from our albums, free of charge, as well as how to leave comments or a brief story on a specific photo.  

There are other improvements in the works and we will let you know of these as they near completion.