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Aircraft - Squadron

Tiger Moth {1938-1940}

Lysander II {1939-1941}

Tomahawk I {1941-1942}

Mustang I {1942-1944}

Spitfire PR.XI {1943-1945}

Mosquito PR. XVI {1943-1944}

The process of finding photographs of actual 400 squadron aircraft for the war years and prior, is much more difficult that some might imagine.  However, the search goes on....

It is our goal to provide an accurate write up for each of our aircraft.


Harvard II {1946-1958}

The Vampire III {1948-1958}

Silver Star Mk. 3 (T bird) {1955-1958}

F86 Sabre Mk.5  {1956-1958}

C45 Expeditor Mk 3N {1958-1966}

Otter {1960-1980}

CH 136 Kiowa {1980-1996}

CH 146 Griffin {1996-Present}