Mail Link Problem

Greeting Hristo !

The following screen shot photos/videos will, I believe, fully clarify our problem.  Please remember the problem occurs when viewing our site in other browsers, as well as chrome, as you will see in the videos below.

Here is what happened when I tried to follow your instructions from your email after the short link you gave me got me nowhere.  Just brought up the Protocol Handler box shown in the fourth screen shot below. [chrome://settings-frame/handlers

FYI - My version

My Privacy Settings

My Handlers settings before I click on Manage Handlers

Nothing here (or anywhere else) that I can find about allowing allowing " to open all e-mail links" ???

This video shows exactly what happens on my computer when clicking any of our links.
First of all, this is how all email links are set (except the mail addy changes)
Video of My Computer Test. First on Chrome, then Firefox, then Safari 


Video of Ron Primes Computer Test [all worked], First on Chrome, then Edge (piece of crap), the Firefox.  I went through on Team Viewer to access his computer.
First her is Ron's version screen for his Chrome Browser


Just noticed that I screwed up and did not include Firefox as promised.  

The firefox portion is below.

Ron's Firefox Test

Hristo, the only other computer I tested that work belong to my upstairs neighbour and she uses Safari only on both her I Pad, and Laptop.  Couldn't get ahold of her.

Please be aware that the MAJORITY of computers tested DO NOT WORK.

It is important that we get this issue resolved as soon as possible because we will be sending out our Newsletter to 400 + people in the very near future and they will be flocking (we hope) to the site to see the changes and new features we have added.

Back to you ... please let me know how things are going.

Thanks in advance
Bill Bishop